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Leah's Luckypup Ranch was founded in 1991 to provide pet buyers an alternative to pet stores, puppy mills and backyard breeders. We are a family owned and operated organization. We take pride in the environment and care we provide for our pups.

Our pups are never kept in cages; but in large areas where they can develop, both physically and socially, to their full potential.

The pet you buy will become a family member. Where it is purchased and how it was allowed to develop prior to your purchase can make all the difference between a rewarding relationship and one filled with disappointment.

We welcome you and your family to visit our facilities to see for yourself the quality puppies we offer for sale; and the environment we provide for our animals. We are animal lovers and would feel guilty if we did not provide this kind of care and environment. Why purchase a new puppy, which will become a family member, from any breeder that does less?


We are located in North Pasco County almost exactly 6.5 miles north of State Road 52 off US 41. That is approximately 2 miles south of the Pasco-Hernando County Line. Please call in advance to set up a visit.

Physical Address

20231 Painter Place, Spring Hill, Florida 34610


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Please include a breed reference in the subject box of your email. Because there is so much junk email; we usually will delete any emails without a relevant subject.  You may contact us by phone at: 352-754-1915            Thank you.