Luckypup Ranch

As our homepage states, Leah's Luckypup Ranch was founded to provide pet buyers an alternative to pet stores, puppy mills and backyard breeders. Sure we intend to make a profit; but I can assure you we are not getting rich. There is much work involved in caring and providing for all our dogs. If we did not love animals we could not do this. We used to feel sorry for the puppies we saw at pet stores. We hated to see them cooped up in small areas, usually alone, where they could not play or exercise. As you scroll down this page I think you will be impressed with the effort we have made to provide a humane environment for all our dogs; the adults as well as the puppies.

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These photos are of the areas where we put our pups, during the day, from the time they are weaned from their mother, which is usually at 6 weeks, to the time they are eight weeks old; the age they must be in Florida before they can be sold. They are moved inside our faciltiy at night or when adverse weather conditions are forecast. As you can see they have ample room to play and exercise while still being protected. These are concrete floor areas, ten foot by ten foot, which are disinfected daily and hosed down several times a day. Each area where pups are housed have separate septic systems. While in these areas no one, other than our personnel, is allowed to touch our pups. This is done to limit their exposure prior to being vaccinated.



These photos are of the areas our pups are put after they have been checked and given a clean bill of health by the veterinarian. As you can see these areas are much larger than the areas they were kept in before. We let our pups have a good time. They run, play and do the things happy pups do. We leave their inside runs open so they have the option of going inside or outside; but they prefer outside. They are put inside at night. Raising pups this way requires more work and expense. We feel this is what is required to ensure the new owner will get a well developed and socialized puppy.
We welcome you to visit our facilities to see for yourself the extra effort we put forth to ensure you get a pup who has been given every opportunity to develop to its full potential, both physically and socially.

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These two photos are of the areas where the adult dogs are kept. These areas are 150 feet by 50 feet; which is larger than most backyards. They have large live oaks for shade. We also provide shelter for all dogs; although they rarely go inside them. In addition we let at least two adult dogs out to roam the entire property (22 acres) each day. This way all our adult dogs get some individual attention. This also makes them good pets to someone when they are retired as breeders.
We are animal lovers and would feel guilty if we did not provide proper care and environment for our animals. Why buy a dog, which will become a family member, from any place who does less?

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